Creative Video Challenge

Each week or so I will feature a short edited video, or just a clip, to highlight some aspect of video or image editing I find fascinating, creative, or especially useful.

screenshot feet “Wheels & Feet” 1 min “Red Towel, Pink Babies” 1.5 min screen-alki-skateboard “End of Summer, Alki Beach” 1.5 min

  “Rat City” 1.5 min

screen-alki-october“Alki October” 1.2 min

screen-paranoidParanoid 1 min
“Decadance, A Slippery Slope”
1.5 minutes
“Westcrest Dog Afternoon” 1 minute
“Late Lunch in Seattle”
1 minute
“Island Reverie”
1 minute
“Glimpses” Video blog
2 minutes
Alki October 1.2 minutes