Plan Ahead

This is why you don’t attempt to hand-letter a sign without planning ahead. Like checking your spelling! Not surprisingly, this little business in my hood didn’t last very long. I actually find the letters rather charming. Some fonts mimic the look of eccentric hand- lettered signs — with just a bit more polish than this. […]

Steampunk Graphics

The Steampunk community, those enjoying role-playing fantasy set in a bygone era, is still popular. This graphic displays a few of the antique styles that might appear on 19th-century calling-cards, business cards, invitations, announcements, advertisements, and personal correspondence. Steampunk lit focuses on early technological, scientific and industrial advances – including time travel, of course! –  so […]

Trendy titling

Pictured, three books from the library, different authors and publishers, dated 2014-2015. They all display large, messy brush scripts on the cover. So is this a titling trend? Handmade-looking scripts are in vogue at the moment. See Eccentric Pen-and-ink and Rough Brush. Sometimes a trendy type is irresistible to a graphic designer, but not necessarily […]

Promotional Graphics

I want my promotional graphics to be eye-catching, yet not screaming – pleasant for the eye to linger on. A creamy brush font for the title, Antero, creates its own waving banner, while colors resemble the colors of the books in my Costume Goddess series and the background of the website

A Bio-Graphic

This graphic is a memento of a 60th birthday party, using twelve images of the birthday boy at various stages of life. It was printed 16 inches wide, mounted and matted in a prominent place at the party. Clockwise: newborn, high school, young adult, bodybuilder, bridegroom, stylish urbanite, hippie nostalgia, costumed as an ancient Egyptian, […]

Birthday Invitation

A photograph showing through a type element’s counter (enclosed negative space) is an unexpected frame for it. A banner calls attention to the title. Display font is “Tuesday Night” by PintassilgoPrints. The icons create a frame for the whole and convey an impression of the event at a glance! Placing the subtext in a separate […]

Typography – Eccentric pen & ink

Professional fonts that simulate hand-inked script from a metal-nib fountain pen are wildly popular today (example  left, Juliette). These fonts include alternative glyphs and ligatures to avoid repetition, plus optional swashes and flourishes. Many  have feminine names to reflect their girlish adorableness. (I purchase fonts from An uneven baseline and letters that tilt in […]

Typography – Rough brush

Thick brush script is always popular, but it varies. Smooth, refined, and creamy brush script is everywhere (food labels, sports teams), but rough brush is trendy at the moment: brush lettering that appears to be hand-drawn. (See my post on eccentric hand-inked script.) Naturally, this lends itself to irregular and eccentric letterforms. Those may communicate […]