Steampunk Graphics

The Steampunk community, those enjoying role-playing fantasy set in a bygone era, is still popular. This graphic displays a few of the antique styles that might appear on 19th-century calling-cards, business cards, invitations, announcements, advertisements, and personal correspondence. Steampunk lit focuses on early technological, scientific and industrial advances – including time travel, of course! –  so […]

Trendy titling

Pictured, three books from the library, different authors and publishers, dated 2014-2015. They all display large, messy brush scripts on the cover. So is this a titling trend? Handmade-looking scripts are in vogue at the moment. See Eccentric Pen-and-ink and Rough Brush. Sometimes a trendy type is irresistible to a graphic designer, but not necessarily […]

Promotional Graphics

I want my promotional graphics to be eye-catching, yet not screaming – pleasant for the eye to linger on. A creamy brush font for the title, Antero, creates its own waving banner, while colors resemble the colors of the books in my Costume Goddess series and the background of the website

One Minute, One Sound

The challenge: use a single sound repeatedly. A repeated sound can become unpleasant very quickly, which creates tension and suspense in this short surrealistic video. Paranoid from Dina Lydia on Vimeo. The main figure is placed in changing and melting environments. Threatening laughter is heard as glimpses of distorted faces fade in and out. For […]

One minute: Alki in October

Another neighborhood 1-minute impression: a perfect misty fall afternoon in West Seattle. The color palette is subdued, the mood gentle and sentimental. I used only the clips that matched the pace of the music (no motorcycles!) and linked them with a simple crossfade. Alki October from Dina Lydia on Vimeo.

One minute at Alki beach

Another in a series of short fun local videos with music. This was featured as an image of interest on my local news blog, West Seattle Blog. TIP: Music MUST reflect the visuals, and vice-versa. Lively continuous activity and smooth transitions are the key on this one. I eliminated any that were too slow or […]

V-blog montage

Vimeo’s Weekend Challenge: to make a V-blog using previously unused video clips — something nearly everyone with a digital device collects in abundance, these days. Mine’s two minutes of diverse eye-catching clips and music — fun to watch I hope, even if you don’t know me, my city, or my friends. Music, colors, and transitions […]

Island Reverie

Three clips shot in Puget Sound’s San Juan Islands. Rain, fog, and rolling sea create a Zen-like montage when combined with simple and beautiful music. Island Reverie from Dina Lydia on Vimeo. I used a minimum of text – to leave the dreamlike ambience uninterrupted. Special effects include slowed timing, changes in hue, and whispery transitions. […]