About Dina Lydia

Dina LydiaMy background in the arts is very eclectic.

After attending Maryland Institute of Art, my forte was illustration, including caricature, cartooning, portraits, and editorial art, all drawn by hand. Later I turned to computer graphics and digital photography.

I’ve been active in theatrical dance and costuming for  20+ years. My series of how-to books for dancers, The Costume Goddess Tells All,  is self-published.  I’ve produced a number of non-commercial costumed music videos – performing, directing, and editing.

I’ve been an advocate and activist for peace, justice, and egalitarian policies through my local community groups and political orgs.

Today I live in Seattle, and my passionate interest is making creative images,  whether graphics, photography, video, or handmade crafts. You can check my “LinkedIn” profile (below) for specifics and endorsements. Or find me on Facebook.
Or contact me!  ~ Dina Lydia