Crisp Scripts

We’ve looked at soft or rough brush-like fonts, which are enjoying popularity at the moment. I also love fat scripts with a type-like crispness to the edges. Especially suitable for logos – they look good at all sizes. These are some of my favorites. The more recent releases include alternative glyphs like swashes or even […]

Plan Ahead

This is why you don’t attempt to hand-letter a sign without planning ahead. Like checking your spelling! Not surprisingly, this little business in my hood didn’t last very long. I actually find the letters rather charming. Some fonts mimic the look of eccentric hand- lettered signs — with just a bit more polish than this. […]

Trendy Brush fonts

Fonts with shapes and textures that simulate varieties of brush lettering sometimes include alternates, ligatures, swashes and spatters that enhance the illusion. Because paint or ink isn’t one flat color, watercolor texture or radial gradient completes the look. Here, examples of square, round, and pointed brushes: Rusty Cola Pen ~ Billy Ohio ~ Brillig Earth […]