One minute at Alki beach

Another in a series of short fun local videos with music. This was featured as an image of interest on my local news blog, West Seattle Blog.

TIP: Music MUST reflect the visuals, and vice-versa. Lively continuous activity and smooth transitions are the key on this one. I eliminated any that were too slow or stop-and-start – that would’ve interrupted the flow enhanced by the happy, energetic “Ska” music (Danny Weinkauf, Vimeo music store).
The music slows down SLIGHTLY from :24-:37, again from :53-1:11, and there I used the slightly slower clips. I ended it with the little girl shakily learning to skateboard, guided by a protective Dad. A moment later she’s already skating on her own. I found that charming.

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Dina Lydia is a graphic artist, photographer, videographer, and costume designer in Seattle, Washington.

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