One minute at Alki beach

Another in a series of short fun local videos with music. This was featured as an image of interest on my local news blog, West Seattle Blog. TIP: Music MUST reflect the visuals, and vice-versa. Lively continuous activity and smooth transitions are the key on this one. I eliminated any that were too slow or […]

V-blog montage

Vimeo’s Weekend Challenge: to make a V-blog using previously unused video clips — something nearly everyone with a digital device collects in abundance, these days. Mine’s two minutes of diverse eye-catching clips and music — fun to watch I hope, even if you don’t know me, my city, or my friends. Music, colors, and transitions […]

Island Reverie

Three clips shot in Puget Sound’s San Juan Islands. Rain, fog, and rolling sea create a Zen-like montage when combined with simple and beautiful music. Island Reverie from Dina Lydia on Vimeo. I used a minimum of text – to leave the dreamlike ambience uninterrupted. Special effects include slowed timing, changes in hue, and whispery transitions. […]