A Bio-Graphic

Birthday Clock

This graphic is a memento of a 60th birthday party, using twelve images of the birthday boy at various stages of life.

It was printed 16 inches wide, mounted and matted in a prominent place at the party.

Clockwise: newborn, high school, young adult, bodybuilder, bridegroom, stylish urbanite, hippie nostalgia, costumed as an ancient Egyptian, tropical; vacation, singing into a microphone, and the mature man we know and love.

The background graphic was made in Adobe Illustrator, meaning the size or color could easily be edited. It’s similar to a group photo mat with outlined oval frames. The selected photo images were placed behind this layer.

The lettering, placed along a curve, is “Tuesday Night,” a fun interlocking novelty type.

About DinaDG

Dina Lydia is a graphic artist, photographer, videographer, and costume designer in Seattle, Washington.

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