A Bio-Graphic

This graphic is a memento of a 60th birthday party, using twelve images of the birthday boy at various stages of life. It was printed 16 inches wide, mounted and matted in a prominent place at the party. Clockwise: newborn, high school, young adult, bodybuilder, bridegroom, stylish urbanite, hippie nostalgia, costumed as an ancient Egyptian, […]

A Video Memoir

A 5-minute video memoir chapter dramatized with pictures, animations, type, music, and sound effects. Starring my mother! I’m in the process of creating a biographical piece beginning with the 1920s. Luckily Mom has a nice clear voice and likes to tell stories. Today’s viewer expects to be entertained and diverted by such enhancements. Vimeo Music […]

Birthday Invitation

A photograph showing through a type element’s counter (enclosed negative space) is an unexpected frame for it. A banner calls attention to the title. Display font is “Tuesday Night” by PintassilgoPrints. The icons create a frame for the whole and convey an impression of the event at a glance! Placing the subtext in a separate […]