1-Minute Seattle Tasty tour

Vimeo’s “Weekend Challenge” theme: a tasty tour, displaying my city’s cuisine and general vibe. I boiled down scenes shot in several hours to fit the one-minute limit. The delightful relaxed and happy music is a track from Vimeo’s Music Store.

Westcrest Dog Park 2

I combined the video clips I shot on a July afternoon with a medley of 2 music tracks, and transitions that make it entertaining. The sky was hazy, making ideal photography conditions, much better than bright sunlight. Shooting animal activity requires attention to quickly moving action that otherwise would be lost forever! The Vimeo link […]

Video in the Dog Park 1

I plan to do more in the dog park because this one was fun! An hour in a nearby dog park yielded material for a one-minute video – part of my “Video in the Hood” series. The challenge was to extract the best clips from free-form dog activity. They don’t take direction, so I had to […]

Dream Challenge Video

My entry for Vimeo’s Weekend Challenge theme: a dream (a real one) portrayed creatively. The special effects and transitions here are meant to suggest the flowing, changing, impressionistic, illogical nature of dreams. Have you any photos, videos, or artwork like this? Please share them!

Video – Poppy seduces bees

Creative Video Weekly Challenge: Ever seen a kitty intoxicated by catnip? Apparently a poppy can do that to a busy worker bee. They aren’t supposed to enjoy their work this much. I happened to capture the honeybees’ unusual behavior in a neighbor’s garden, and conceived the mini-drama by thinking like a bee.  Pixel font text […]