Video in the hood

This conveys an impression of the gritty multi-ethnic urban hood White Center on the edge of Seattle, fondly nicknamed “Rat City.” The Vimeo link takes you to a larger display.

I shot the images in a few hours over several days. I decided to display no logos, a minimum of text, and no people.That left a lot out because this area is a business district, but that was part of the challenge to myself.

I happened upon the tiny urban bird singing and that became the “frame” for a constantly moving and changing series of images with transition special effects to keep them flowing.

I chose the (copyright-free) music track first, loooking for a funky vibe. That gave me the running time (1.5 minutes). The sudden end suggested a freeze-frame to conclude.

Please feel free to share your own short creative videos!


About DinaDG

Dina Lydia is a graphic artist, photographer, videographer, and costume designer in Seattle, Washington.

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