Video on the beach

Last week, West Seattle Blog featured a video I shot in half an hour on popular Alki Beach. That’s on the coast of the West Seattle peninsula, facing Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands.
Seattleites enjoying the warm weather create a continually changing panorama of strollers, joggers, bikers, skaters and dog-walkers. But this is an urban beach, so passing drivers are a part of the scenery too.

I confined point-of-view to the lower half of passers-by, to respect their privacy and focus interest on the traveling rather than the individuals. I edited the video to one minute, using the passing cars as a transition device.

It was a bright but clouded sky, which makes it perfect for photography – no exposure difficulties because of blazing sunlight and hard black shadows.

The charming music makes it complete! It’s a copyright-free instrumental piece generously offered to other artists by Kevin McLeod.

Next project: I’m working on a video montage shot in the White Center business district. The challenge: to create visual delight using only down’n’dirty street images, without including people.

About DinaDG

Dina Lydia is a graphic artist, photographer, videographer, and costume designer in Seattle, Washington.