Typography – Eccentric pen & ink

Graphic - gift labelProfessional fonts that simulate hand-inked script from a metal-nib fountain pen are wildly popular today (example  left, Juliette). These fonts include alternative glyphs and ligatures to avoid repetition, plus optional swashes and flourishes. Many  have feminine names to reflect their girlish adorableness. (I purchase fonts from MyFonts.com.)

An uneven baseline and letters that tilt in slightly different directions emphasize the natural variation of hand script. Some fonts are smooth and refined; others feature a slightly rough edge, like genuine ink lines (but not as ragged as the Rough brush typography I wrote about last week). Here are some of these fonts I own:
Others I love are Adorn and Alana by Laura Worthington (she may have started the trend); GoGypsy and Boho by Latinotype; Bombshell by Emily Lime; La Veronique (advert below) by My Creative Land. la veronique

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Dina Lydia is a graphic artist, photographer, videographer, and costume designer in Seattle, Washington.

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