Photos – “Time Warp” dancers

A slide show of my photos from the charming Rebel Belly Theater presentation “Time Warp” at Columbia City Theater in Seattle. Each performance interpreted a decade from the past in dance.

Typography – Eccentric pen & ink

Professional fonts that simulate hand-inked script from a metal-nib fountain pen are wildly popular today (example  left, Juliette). These fonts include alternative glyphs and ligatures to avoid repetition, plus optional swashes and flourishes. Many  have feminine names to reflect their girlish adorableness. (I purchase fonts from An uneven baseline and letters that tilt in […]

Video in the hood

This conveys an impression of the gritty multi-ethnic urban hood White Center on the edge of Seattle, fondly nicknamed “Rat City.” The Vimeo link takes you to a larger display. I shot the images in a few hours over several days. I decided to display no logos, a minimum of text, and no people.That left […]

Typography – Rough brush

Thick brush script is always popular, but it varies. Smooth, refined, and creamy brush script is everywhere (food labels, sports teams), but rough brush is trendy at the moment: brush lettering that appears to be hand-drawn. (See my post on eccentric hand-inked script.) Naturally, this lends itself to irregular and eccentric letterforms. Those may communicate […]

Video on the beach

Last week, West Seattle Blog featured a video I shot in half an hour on popular Alki Beach. That’s on the coast of the West Seattle peninsula, facing Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands. Seattleites enjoying the warm weather create a continually changing panorama of strollers, joggers, bikers, skaters and dog-walkers. But this is […]